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Massage Therapy at Glo*tologi in Bentonville, AR

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is sometimes viewed as a stereotypical self-care or "pick me up" activity. However, massage therapy goes beyond relaxation alone, offering additional physical and mental benefits.

The certified massage therapists at Glo*tologi Med Spa use various techniques to alleviate pain, foster relaxation, and enhance your overall well-being.
Explore our massage options, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and more, all in our tranquil treatment rooms:

  • Swedish: Relaxation and pain relief.
  • Deep Tissue: Targeted muscle therapy.
  • Hot Stone: Tension relief and improved circulation.
  • Prenatal: Tailored for expectant mothers.
  • Sports Massage: Decreases pain, improves recovery, increases range of motion and flexibility.
  • Cupping: Decreases musculoskeletal and myofascial pain.

Note: All of our massages are 60 minutes

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Why Massage Therapy?

At its core, massage therapy is about relieving stress, minimizing pain, and calming your muscles.

Apart from general pain or tension relief, massage therapy provides plenty of other advantages to patients. Depending on the form of therapy you experience, you can benefit when it comes to sleep, anxiety, nerve pain, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, and more.

Before you decide on the right type of massage therapy for your needs, ask yourself if you're interested in massage for pure relaxation or if you also have a specific health condition you'd like help addressing. Glo*tologi Med Spa's certified massage therapists can employ several different techniques to meet your needs.

Still not sure if massage therapy is right for you? Glo*tologi offers free consultations to help you make up your mind. Call to book an appointment today!

What Outcome Can You Expect from Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy for medical purposes can help alleviate symptoms associated with many common conditions. For instance, stress and anxiety, which are experienced by many people on a daily basis and can contribute to other medical problems, can both be reduced through massage therapy.

Similarly, by decreasing cortisol (one of the body's stress hormones) and increasing serotonin and dopamine (both of which are "feel-good" chemicals naturally produced by the body), massage therapies can help improve your sleep. Better sleep can certainly have a profound impact on your overall health!

Massages can also provide short-term relief for various forms of pain, including back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and even headaches.

All in all, massage therapies can be great for producing a more relaxed and balanced mindset and offsetting pain you may be struggling with.

What to Expect at Your Visit

Every massage therapy visit to Glo*tologi starts with an initial consultation with our friendly staff members, who will record your vital health information, medical history, and whatever symptoms you may be experiencing.

Our team will then work with you to determine which form of massage therapy will provide you with the greatest value for your medical needs, crafting a personalized treatment plan to ensure your satisfaction.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a classic full-body massage that uses gentle pressure to relax your mind and body. This is a good option if you're new to massages in general or massage therapy in particular.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage utilizes firmer pressure to release the tightness that creeps into your tendons in muscles after lots of physical active or repetitive motions and postures (such as sitting poorly or driving for long periods). Deep tissue massage therapy can improve muscle tightness, which has a positive downstream effect on chronic muscle pain.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massages relax your muscles and improve your body's circulation by placing smooth, flat stones that have been heated between 130-145 degrees onto various parts of your body. These hot stones may be placed along your spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, or feet. Combined with Swedish massage techniques, hot stones can loosen tense muscles and increase blood flow to the targeted areas.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

As the name suggests, prenatal massages are perfect for expectant moms who are dealing with the aches that come with growing a baby. Prenatal massage therapy focuses on treating swelling in the lower body, taking pressure off of joints, and improving mama's sense of relaxation.

Sports Massage

Similar to deep tissue massages, sports massages target muscles in order to mitigate pain and enhance recovery following stress (in this case, the stress of participating in vigorous physical competition). Sports massage therapy can also increase a patient's overall flexibility and range of motion, both of which are vital for successful athletic performance.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves the use of cups (typically glass or silicone) to create a vacuum on the skin, expanding the blood vessels underneath. While cupping therapy has numerous health claims attributed to it, one of the therapy’s most research-backed benefits is its ability to help relieve certain forms of pain, such as musculoskeletal and myofascial pain.

person getting cupping therapy on back

Cost of Treatment

We completely understand your desire to spend your money wisely. Unfortunately, we can't always predict exactly how much a procedure will take until we've had a chance to talk with you.

The cost of your massage therapy will vary depending on the nature of the procedure you're interested in. It's best to talk with our office directly to determine what paying for your personalized treatment will look like.

What we do know for certain is that we will work with you to provide the best cosmetic service we can to meet your needs!

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Make an Appointment

Now is the time to reach out and schedule your first consultation with the med spa professionals at Glo*tologi. Contact us today to find out how we seek to surpass your greatest expectations!

Why Choose Glotologi Med Spa

Dr. Howard leads his team of dedicated medical specialists with a steady hand informed by his decades of experience in medicine, a compassionate disposition, and a strong desire to put you, the patient, first.

By following global standards for their FDA-approved treatments, the team at Glo*tologi makes you look beautiful and feel perfect with an approach to cosmetics that emphasizes precision, care, and lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage therapy the same as a massage?

A traditional massage is usually gentler and focused more on general relaxation, while massage therapy is more targeted on specific parts of the body (such as muscles and fascia that have developed trigger points) and may involve the use of greater pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Is a massage therapist the same thing as a physiotherapist?

No, these two professions are different. Massage therapists tend to be more concerned with using manual techniques to manipulate muscles and soft tissue for the purposes of pain relief, and relaxation.

Meanwhile, physiotherapists (also known as physical therapists) place a greater emphasis on physical rehabilitation and exercise prescription to help patients overcome a broader range of injuries or disabilities.

What Other People Are Saying

I am in competent and caring hands with Dr. Howard and his staff!

"I had no idea how simple BHRT could be. After a disappointing experience elsewhere, my new treatment and care with Glo*tologi and Nimbus has been incredible. I am in competent and caring hands with Dr. Howard and his staff!"


I recommend the staff as well as the technologies they use.

"I've experienced an array of services at Glo*tologi, including feminine rejuvenation! I recommend the staff as well as the technologies they use. Dr. Howard has a great team! My results are fantastic and I'm going back for more."


I'm amazed by the noticeable results.

"Indulging in laser hair removal and the Preime Dermafacial at Glo*tologi was a transformative experience. Technicians Elaina and Aubrey skillfully executed the treatments, and even after just one session, I'm amazed by the noticeable results. I'm looking forward to the rest of my package-it's a spa day that truly delivers results!"


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