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Dermal Fillers at Glo*tologi in Bentonville, AR

Enhance Your Beauty with Dermal Fillers

Whether you're seeking to plump your thin lips, enhance shallow contours around your eyes, smooth out facial wrinkles and creases near your mouth, or even enhance cheekbones and give a defined jawline for a subtle facelift effect, dermal fillers offer a versatile approach to rejuvenating your face and giving you the appearance of youthful vitality. These enhancements can add symmetry and balance to your facial features, contributing to a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

As you age, your body's natural supply of collagen—a vital protein that provides strength, volume, and suppleness to your skin—starts to break down and diminish. This natural aging process leads to sagging skin and the development of wrinkles and facial creases.

Dermal fillers are a form of nonsurgical skincare treatment that uses a series of injections to treat selected areas of your face, ideally creating lasting results within a relatively short time. By restoring lost facial volume in the places where wrinkles and creases are most noticeable, including around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and chin, dermal fillers work to counteract the signs of aging. Additionally, dermal fillers can provide a subtle lift by enhancing the cheekbones and defining the jawline, improving facial symmetry and balance and further contributing to a rejuvenated appearance.

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Why Get Dermal Filler Treatment?

As you might imagine, dermal fillers can be used for various health and cosmetic concerns, from plumping up lips and cheeks for a fuller facial appearance to restoring saggy skin by replacing lost volume in your face.

If you're bothered about your face looking "uneven," dermal fillers can be used to make your face appear more symmetrical. And if you've started noticing wrinkles creeping up around your eyes or creases forming around your lip or chin, you can benefit from dermal fillers.

At Glo*tologi Med Spa, our team of skilled professionals also specializes in dermal filler treatment for acne scars, smoothing and refining the tone and texture of the skin. We can apply our dermal filler treatment around your eyes, cheeks, mouth, jawline, and even directly into the lip tissue, making it one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in Bentonville and beyond.

What Outcome Can You Expect from Dermal Fillers?

We've already talked about how dermal fillers can boost your skin volume, smooth out wrinkles, and plump up your lips. In addition, this treatment can reduce vertical lip lines, diminish fine lines, and even enhance the natural contours in your face to create a more sculpted appearance.

Depending on the specific type and amount of dermal filler you choose to have injected, the amount of time your results last will vary. With that being said, many people enjoy the results of their dermal filler treatment for at least 6-18 months!

Don't forget that you can always schedule a follow-up treatment if you'd like to extend the longevity of your dermal filler results.

What to Expect at Your Visit

Every cosmetic journey at Glo*tologi Med Spa begins with a personalized consultation with Dr. Howard and his team of medical professionals. As cosmetic specialists, they will meticulously document the aesthetic goals you wish to achieve with your dermal filler treatment.

The team will select the ideal filler for your needs, guide you through the injection process (including showing the specific facial areas targeted for treatment), and develop a tailored treatment plan exclusively for you.

Dr. Howard, a master injector renowned for his expertise in creating harmony, balance, and symmetry—the essential beauty components—will ensure your treatment enhances your natural features.

On your appointment day, our med spa staff will meticulously clean and prepare the treatment areas on your skin. For those with sensitive skin or a low tolerance for discomfort, a numbing cream can be applied to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Following this, Glo*tologi's skilled staff will administer precise injections of your selected dermal filler beneath your skin. The duration of the injection process varies, ranging from a few minutes to about an hour, depending on the extent of the area being treated.

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Cost of Treatment

We completely understand your desire to spend your money wisely. Unfortunately, we can't always predict exactly how much a dermal filler injection will take until we've had a chance to talk with you and create your customized treatment plan.

The price will inevitably vary depending on the specific type and frequency of dermal filler injections you decide to do. It's always best to talk with our office directly to determine what paying for your personalized treatment will look like.

What we do know for certain is that we will work with you to provide the best cosmetic service we can to meet your needs!

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Make an Appointment

Are you excited to say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to fuller, younger skin? Then now is the time to reach out and schedule your first consultation with the med spa professionals at Glo*tologi.

Contact us today to find out how our skincare experts seek to surpass your greatest expectations!

Why Choose Glotologi Med Spa

Dr. Howard leads his team of dedicated skincare experts to provide top-notch results while putting the patient first.

By following global standards for their FDA-approved cosmetic treatments, the health and wellness team at Glo*tologi knows how to make you look beautiful and feel younger. Their approach to cosmetics emphasizes precision, care, and lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dermal filler injection safe?

Absolutely! While even the simplest medical procedure carries some level of risk with it, typical side effects associated with dermal filler treatment (such as swelling or bruising in the treatment areas) tend to be minor and almost always disappear within a few days or weeks of the procedure.

In addition, you can rest easy knowing that the use of dermal fillers for correcting facial wrinkles and creases, increasing skin volume, and fixing acne scars has been approved by the FDA.

Which filler lasts the longest?

While no dermal filler is guaranteed to last forever, the major injections all have a long shelf life. For example, popular dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can last up to 18 months or longer, though these results are never guaranteed because they are affected by factors such as the size of the patient's treatment area.

What Other People Are Saying

Exceptional Customer Service!

Exceptional customer service. If you are looking for a spa that will truly make you feel like the most important client and will listen to your needs and expectations, please give Glotologi a visit. Dr. Howard and his wife will work with you every step of the way to ensure the utmost exceptional care to make you look and feel your best.

They are passionate about their business and I promise, you will not leave disappointed. I will without a doubt be returning.

Kathrine P.

I'm amazed by the noticeable results.

"Indulging in laser hair removal and the Preime Dermafacial at Glo*tologi was a transformative experience. Technicians Elaina and Aubrey skillfully executed the treatments, and even after just one session, I'm amazed by the noticeable results. I'm looking forward to the rest of my package-it's a spa day that truly delivers results!"


I am very happy with the results!

"Friendly staff! Sophia made me feel comfortable during my IV. I am very happy with the results!"


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